The Sasha Earrings

"There is a flower which possesses this peculiarity, that it turns constantly to the sun, following it in its course; on this account it is called the sunflower. Our faith may be compared to this flower, since its gaze is ever fixed above, and turned toward the glorious sun of divine truth. The first flower in the maiden's blooming garland of virtues is and ought to be the faith of which we speak. For this faith, a clear, living, steadfast, unalterable faith is supremely necessary and all important for the maiden, especially in the present day. Therefore make it the subject of your present meditation, my child, and consider first how great a blessing it is to possess the one true, Catholic faith" Father Lasance.

These lovely sunflower earrings are named after my dear friend Sasha and for good reason! I met her a few years ago and couldn't help but notice her humble and beautiful faith. It is so fitting that the sunflower is her favorite flower as it symbolizes the virtue of faith. One day Sasha shared a beautiful story with me of how sunflowers remind her of God and His Providence. God has been sending Sasha sunflowers as little gifts of His love for her for quite some time now. Since I wanted to be sure to include all the details I asked Sasha if she could share her story again with me. Here is her story:

"After 9 months of unemployment after college, I got my first full time job. I had to work for an awful manager and after 5 months, my happiness and joy were completely nonexistent. One day, after a really bad day and my breaking point, I began to pray to God to help me through the situation. I hadn’t prayed genuinely in years. I told God, 'I know I haven’t been consistent and I want to change. Please help me to make the right decision to either stay at this job or quit if it is Your will. I’m not one to quit but I am not happy.' After a conversation with my parents, they urged me to quit. I felt a weight lifted, but wasn’t completely sure that I was making the right decision. I hate giving up and I knew how hard it was to find a job. I asked God, 'I know I’m not supposed to ask for a sign, but if I made the right decision to leave, please send me a sunflower.' That night, my family and I went to dinner and I ran to the restroom. In the restroom, a giant painting of sunflowers greeted my eyes. I thought it was a coincidence. The next day, my friend texted me a picture from California. She said, 'I don’t know why, but I saw these on my walk this morning and thought of you.' It was a picture of a row of sunflowers. And on the third day after that, my friend sent me a picture of a sunflower, stating that I reminded him of one. My prayers were answered, and therefore I started Sunflower Film Project to honor God through my gifts and talents. I later found a job I loved and am so grateful for all He has done for me. I don’t ever want to go back to a life without Him" Sasha.

Along with the virtue of faith, sunflowers remind me of Sasha because she is a ray of sunshine. You can't help but be happier after being around her. Sasha genuinely loves those around her and has such an eye for the beauty of life. As Sasha mentioned she is a very talented photographer and videographer. Her gift of capturing beauty really shines through her work. She is genuine in all that she does and it is portrayed within her work as well. 

I am so grateful for the gift of Sasha and of her life. She is such a beautiful and humble person. Her heart is just so sweet and loving!

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