The Barbara Earrings

These lovely earrings are named after my grandmother who wouldn't leave her house without her "bling bling" as she would call her jewelry! I couldn't release this first collection without a little bling bling named after her. 

These earrings reminded me of an animal print and as I thought about it I realized that they reminded me of the black and white print of a cow's coat. One of my favorite memories with my grandma was when I went to go visit her by myself as a high schooler. We were sitting on her back porch as she told me stories she remembered from growing up on her family's farm. It was so special and I learned so much about my grandmother that day.

My Grandma Barb was the type of person who was young at heart. She always loved to go out and be with people. She was always positive and fun loving so it was easy to see why she was loved by many. My grandma truly was not afraid to be herself. When we flipped through an old photo album of hers I was shocked when she said that she was really shy as a child. To which she also said, "I was really skinny then too because they didn't give me much to eat!" My grandmother always made me laugh. She would say things like, "Well, back to the wrinkle ranch" when we would drop her off at her senior living apartment. What a wonderful and inspiring woman my grandmother was. 

She was a single mom as she raised my mother and aunt. I remember my mom telling me about the times she would find my grandma asleep on the couch with her hands clasped in prayer. That story alone left such an impact on me as a young girl. I really looked up to my grandma. She was and always will be so dear to my heart. I pray that I will be able to see her again one day in Heaven. I love you Grandma Barb!

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